Chore Cloud is an online chore checklist and piggy bank designed to make sure your kids know what chores to complete and helps make sure they get them done!

Main features:

Chore Cloud is free to use, except for the text notifications, which cost $6/year for each phone number that receives text messages from the system.
Chore Checklist
Money Chart
The money chart is used to track kid's earnings and expenditures. Buttons at the top allow money to be added (deposit button) or removed (withdrawal button) from the money chart. Each day's allowance is reflected as a line-item on the money chart. Allowance, deposit and withdrawal transactions are kept for 60 days by default, and older transactions are rolled into the starting balance.

Tap a Withdrawal or Deposit line-item to edit or delete the transaction. Tap an Allowance line-item to go to that day's chore checklist.

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